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Brian Ellefson Panoramic View
brian ellefson
1 Girl
2 Right Time
3 Your Way
4 Hold
5 Stuck
6 11:35 on a Wednesday
7 Starting Over
8 Lucky
9 Barcelona
10 Back To Me (free download)
11 Killing Time
Brian Ellefson Panoramic View

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panoramic view released
July, 2010

Most of the music on Panoramic View was written and recorded in Seattle during the spring of 2010. I played all of the parts on the album so it took longer to record each track individually than it would have if I was working with a band. The recording process was a lot of editing and reworking parts and arrangements until I was finally happy with the sound. I had a scheduled date for mixing down in the studio and the hard deadline helped keep me focused but I cut it a little tight and literally had one day left to write and record Your Way before going into the studio. I worked with Dean Baskerville, a mix engineer in Portland who's recorded Sheryl Crow and Everclear. Dean was pivotal in bringing more dynamic and rich sound to the album.  We had only two days to mix down eleven songs so it was long days with little room for anything but quick, instinctual decisions.  At the end of the day though, I'll be happiest if people find the music relatable - brian

All music performed by Brian Ellefson
Recorded at Mosquito Ranch
Mixed at Jackpot! Studios by Dean Baskerville
Mastered at RFI Studios by Rick Fisher
All Music and Lyrics Written/Copyrighted by Brian Ellefson (Nada Grenada) 2010
Album artwork/cd layout by Matt Delcomyn (
Album photography by Kevin Hinson
© Brian Ellefson - All Rights Reserved | Nada Grenada Records